Master Class

Unique two day master class teaching time blending techniques by Russian photographer and videographer Vadim Sherbakov.


Two-day individual online master class for time blending composite photography and post processing techniques


For the past two years I have been conducting this extensive one-on-one online master class, where I am teaching a process of shooting and post processing techniques for combining multiple photos taken over a period of time into a single uniques final image

Two-day master class with no time limitation, meaning that we will spend exactly enough time for participant to learn the whole process from start to finish, thus enabling them to shoot and post process their own unique images straight after the completion of the course 


Master Class Features

DAY 01 - Equipment and shooting techniques


DAY 01 - Part one

During the first half of the day 1 I will go through my equipment, from range of lenses to specific equipment I use on a regular basis

Day 01 - Shooting techniques.jpg

DAY 01 - Part Two

I will teach everything about successful techniques of shooting the time blending photography. From camera settings to what to shoot in each period of day


DAY 01 - Q & A

Last section of the DAY 1 is Questions & Answers

Also during the Master Class i will share my tips and tricks for better use of equipment and photo-shooting


DAY 02 - Post processing techniques

Second day is all about post processing. There is also time for quick Q&A beforehand, incase participant has left any from the previous day


DAY 02 - Lightroom

Lightroom photo adjustment and preparation for Photoshop work. I will go through my process of selection and show how I tweak them before sending all to PS


Day 02 - Photoshop

Second part and the biggest one, is all about Adobe Photoshop. We will learn my techniques of image post-processing from start to finish. I will show you such things as channel masking, color correction, fixing problems, combining multiple sky images for a single unique sky, statistics and much more


DAY 2 - Final Q & A

Final part of this Master Class is Q & A session from both days

During this day I will also show you my tips and tricks with various Photoshop tools.



As bonus for everyone who finish my course, I present an hour video port processing tutorial for drone panorama photo.


Are you Interested ? 

The price for individual Master Class is

130 usd for 2 days

IMPORTANT: Participants should have knowledge of camera shooting. Basic level of Adobe Photoshop is required. 

Although time for the lessons are not limited, typically their length are from 1-2 hours on first day, and 2-3 hours on second day. In some cases we can combine both days into one.

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